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Esther's Sheet Metal now has two locations; each with its own specialization. You may also chose to take advantage of our mobile profiler that can come to your job-site, should the job require it. When a large project is on the horizon (such as a condominium complex), come and talk to us about scheduling a fully-staffed mobile profiler.

Our staff consists of a dedicated team of professional metal-workers committed to producing quality work. We are amongst the very best at producing custom metal work in the Lower Mainland.

Flashing S-Lock System

Flashing with s-locks allow for better water resistance. The s-lock system requires less screwing, resulting in fewer holes punched into your flashing, and less opportunity for water seepage.

  CUSTOM METAL FABRICATION Our shop is equipped with pan-forming machines to form:
1” -1 ½ “Standing Seam -Snap Lock-Curved panel Flashings
Custom made vents scuppers drains chimney caps any flashing for your building projects.

  DISTRIBUTOR FOR THE EURACRAFT COPPER GUTTER SYSTEMS Featuring Tecu copper 18 oz, sizes 5” & 6” gutter line
All in the classic European style
  DISTRIBUTOR FOR THE RHEINZINK® MATERIAL / TITANIUM ZINC Various gauges and sizes in coil and flat sheet to fulfill different applications on residential, commercial and industrial building projects:
Roof Coverings – Façade System Custom fabricated Flashings
Prefabricated Gutter Systems in different sizes
Protection for moss growth
  COLBOND PRODUCT LINE  Technology-based global producer of multi-dimensional matrix and non-woven product.  Enka-engineered building systems materials used for building envelope and roof venting systems.  Green Roof Products, Excellent drainage for playing fields, golf courses, path ways, court yards, patios, Roof gardens planter boxes,
Underlay Products – Enkaroof Vent, Enkamat
Green Roof Products – Enkadrain, Enkaroof VM, Enkamat
  SRP CANADA INC. Wall Shield, Roof Shield, AirOutshield Wall breather membranes
Roof breather membranes rain screen design serve as a
Secondary drainage layer   Let Your Building Breathe
  Blue Skin products Peel and stick all sizes and primers

Esther’s Sheet Metal  stocks RHEINZINK, copper, galvalume, enamel steel
in various gauges, color, and sizes For sale in any quantity.

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